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              159 Pantigo Road              Telephone:

              East Hampton, NY  11937


East Hampton Town Board meeting of June 20, 2017
East Hampton, New York



I.              Call to Order

10:00 AM Meeting called to order on June 20, 2017 at Town Hall Meeting Room, 159 Pantigo Road, East Hampton, NY.


Attendee Name





Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez





Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc





Councilwoman Sylvia Overby





Councilman Fred Overton





Supervisor Larry Cantwell





II.              Public Portion

III.              Topics

A.              Bids - Jeanne Carroza

B.              Downtown Montauk ADA Beach Access Ramps - Drew Bennett

C.              Local Law Chapter 209 Low-Nitrogen Rebate Program

D.              Local Law Chapter 210 Sanitary Systems

E.              Motorola Communications Proposal - Eddie Schnell

F.              Senior Community Center Design - Drazen Cackovic, Savik & Murray

IV.              Liaison Reports

V.              Resolutions



RESOLUTION:              (ID # 18553)

CATEGORY:                            Bids Accepted

SPONSORED BY:              Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez

DEPARTMENT:              Purchasing

Accept Bid #EH17-026 - Rehabilitate Runway 28 PAPI & REIL (Precision Approach Path Indicator & Runway End Identifier Light) at Airport -  Baseline King Corporation


WHEREAS, the Town Board solicited a public works bid for the Rehabilitation of Runway 28 PAPI & REIL project at the Airport, Bid No. EH17-026; and


WHEREAS, the bid of Baseline King Corporation, in the total amount of $86,000, total base bid of $75,000 plus alternate 1 for $11,000 was the lowest bid received meeting the bid specifications and being in proper form; and


WHEREAS, the bids submitted have been reviewed by the Michael Baker, project engineers and Jeanne Carroza, CPPB the Town's Purchasing Agent; and have recommended the award of the bid to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED, that the Supervisor is authorized to execute any and all documents necessary to memorialize said work for the Rehabilitation of Runway 28 PAPI & REIL project at the Airport ,and, now therefore be it


RESOLVED, that the bid of Baseline King Corporation in the total amount of $86,000, total base bid of $75,000 plus alternate 1 for $11,000 from fund HA5610.52104.17033 is hereby accepted, and the Purchasing Agent is hereby authorized to issue purchase orders in accordance with the Town's bid specifications and the bid submission of the contractor.

Financial Impact:

HA5610 52104 17033 - $86,000.00







RESOLUTION:              (ID # 18554)

CATEGORY:                            Bids to Notice

SPONSORED BY:              Supervisor Larry Cantwell

DEPARTMENT:              Purchasing

RFP #EH2017-108- Water Quality Improvement Technical Design Project  Proposal Available June 29, 2017 - Proposal Due July 27, 2017


WHEREAS, the Town of East Hampton wishes to obtain services through a Request for Proposal for Water Quality Improvement Technical Design Project; now, therefore be it


RESOLVED, as per the request of the user Department, the Purchasing Department be and hereby is authorized to advertise for the Proposal as per the following:


                                                        Request for Proposals


TAKE NOTICE, that sealed proposals will be received by the Purchasing Agent, Purchasing Department 159 Pantigo Road on Thursday July 27, 2017 no later than 3:00 p.m. prevailing time.


Specifications are available at the Purchasing Department Office and may be picked up between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, (except Holidays) beginning June 29, 2017.  These proposals have met with approval of the Purchasing Department.


The Town Board of the Town of East Hampton reserves the right to waive any informalities in proposals received, and/or reject any or all proposals.


And, be it further


RESOLVED, that the following proposals shall be received by the purchasing Agent by 3:00 p.m. on the date noted above, at which time be publicly read aloud:


RFP #                            Name                                                                                    Opening Date                           

EH2017-108              Water Quality Improvement                              July 27,2017

                            Technical Design Project             


; and, be it further


RESOLVED, that the Town reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.

VI.              Executive Session - Land Acquisition, Litigation, Leases, CPF