EH Town Zoning Board of Appeals              Kyle Vorpahl

              300 Pantigo Place              Telephone: 631-324-8816

              East Hampton, NY  11937


EH Town Zoning Board of Appeals meeting of November 17, 2020
East Hampton, New York



I.              Call to Order

6:30 PM Meeting called to order on November 17, 2020 at Teleconference, Various Locations, East Hampton, NY.


Attendee Name





Chairman John P. Whelan





Board Member Theresa Berger





Vice Chairman Roy Dalene





Board Member Tim Brenneman





Board Member Edward Johann





II.              Public Hearing

A.              Louise Fischer and Philip Bruno

Applicant: Louise Fischer and Philip Bruno

Size/Location: 28, 492 sq. ft. 116 Old West Lake Drive, Montauk (300-20-5-9)

Description To allow and to construct 945 linear feet of fencing, two pillars, and a driveway gate, 3 sq. ft. addition to the existing pool enclosure, and a 20 sq. ft. grill within jurisdiction and setbacks of freshwater wetlands.

Relief Sought: A Natural Resources Special Permit pursuant to Section 255-4-20 of the East Hampton Town Code and 3 variances are required for this application. Variances of 100 feet, 30 feet, and 1 foot are required from Section 255-4-30 of the Town Code to allow existing and construct fencing 0 feet, and to construct pillars and a gate 70 feet, and the pool enclosure addition 99 feet, respectively, from freshwater wetlands where 100? setbacks are required, and any other relief necessary.

Zoning District: A2 Residence, X Flood Zone


B.              80 Firestone Road LLC

Applicant: 80 Firestone Road LLC

Size/Location: 48,478 sq. ft. (total) 80 Firestone Road, Montauk (300-17-01-05)

Description: To demolish four motel units and construct four new 600 sq. ft. detached resort units, each with basements, 578 sq. ft. patios, 668 sq. ft. roof decks and hot tubs and to construct a 4 ft. X 36 ft. staircase to the shoreline on a parcel of land containing coastal bluffs, beaches, tidal wetlands, and located within the Towns jurisdiction of freshwater wetlands.

Relief Sought: A Natural Resources Special Permit (NRSP) pursuant to Section 255-4-20 of the Town Code to construct a staircase down the bluff face and variances from Section 255-11-88 (Additional rules for particular principal and accessory uses) of the Town Code and any other relief necessary to allow four (4) separate resort units where all transient motel units are required to be located within multiple-unit structures.

Zoning District: RS-Resort VE velocity flood zone, el. 12, X flood zone

SEQRA: Unlisted

III.              Work Session

A.              Administrative Applications/Variances without a Hearing

i.              Jordan Bock- 10 Gilberts Path East Hampton 151-3--9

To construct approximately 1260 sq. ft. addition with 234 sq. ft. wood decking, replace existing wood decking around swimming pool, construct a new 594 sq. ft. detached garage, and remove non-native vegetation and replant with native dune land vegetation on a parcel of land containing dunes and dune land vegetation.

ii.              Evan Chesler- 396 Old Montauk Hwy Montauk 088-01-11.1

To construct a 702 sq. ft. one story addition on a parcel of land containing bluffs.

iii.              52 Shore Rd. Holdings LLC- 52 Shore Rd Amagansett 131-08-10.1

To construct a 365 sq. ft. one story addition with 1,203 sq. ft. of first and second story decking, a 26 sq. ft. shed, new driveway, and an upgraded sanitary system within jurisdiction of dunes and dune vegetation.

iv.              Gosman- 10 Fairview Way Montauk 019-08-11.3

New house, sanitary system and swimming pool, waiver request of Phase I archaeological investigation.

B.              Post-hearing Decisions

i.              Schwartz and Hayne - 44 Cliff Road Amagansett 300-173-2-17 & 18

ii.              Camila Lippe - 21 Bianco Road East Hampton 300-56-1-5

iii.              133 Gerard Drive LLC - 133 Gerard Dr Springs 300-41-2-25

iv.              Dan & Julie Resnick - 72 Shore Drive East Amagansett 300-107-1-22

v.              Anne Marie Field - 10 Huntting Rd East Hampton 300-118-1-17

vi.              William Wilson - 345 Flamingo Ave Montauk 300-5-3-16

C.              Interpretations

D.              Other Decisions

i.              Roo Roo Properties LLC - 114 Bay View Ave Amagansett 300-84-1-7.1

E.              Building Permits/Certificate of Occupancy

F.              Modifications

i.              MacPherson- 139 Deforest Rd 32-6-3

Modification of detached garage, swimming pool, and pool house.

G.              Extensions of Time

IV.              Minutes Approval

A.              Draft Minutes November 10, 2020

V.              Adoption of Resolutions

A.              Gregory Buhay - 15 Jackson Road Montauk 300-87-3-3

B.              Eric Pettigrew - 9 Private Road Springs 300-120-1-8.1

C.              Pla d'adet LLC - 254 Old Montauk Hwy 300-87-3-3