EH Town Zoning Board of Appeals              Kyle Vorpahl

              300 Pantigo Place              Telephone: 631-324-8816

              East Hampton, NY  11937


EH Town Zoning Board of Appeals meeting of December 8, 2020
East Hampton, New York



I.              Call to Order

6:30 PM Meeting called to order on December 8, 2020 at Teleconference, Various Locations, East Hampton, NY.


Attendee Name





Chairman John P. Whelan





Board Member Theresa Berger





Vice Chairman Roy Dalene





Board Member Tim Brenneman





Board Member Edward Johann





II.              Work Session

A.              Administrative Applications/ Variances without a Hearing:

i.              Ellsworth and Dianne Erb- 31 Fentwood Rd, Montauk. SCTM # 300-19-01-12

Basement and exterior stairs to detached garage.

ii.              320 Old Montauk Hwy LLC: 320 Old Montauk Hwy, Montauk SCTM# 300-88-1-26.4

B.              Post-Hearing Decisions

i.              Conjon II LLC- 136 Gerard Drive, Springs. SCTM# 300-41-01-17

ii.              David Pokorny- 31 Gloucester Ave, Montauk SCTM# 300-19-07-14.1

iii.              Martin Pedersen- 124 Navy Road, Montauk SCTM# 300-26-01-12

iv.              Audrey and Daniel Talmage- 61 Three Mile Harbor Rd, East Hampton SCTM# 300-161-1-16

C.              Interpretations:

D.              Any Other Decisions:

i.              Nigel Curtiss 393 Cranberry Hole Rd, Amagansett. SCTM# 300-1-8.1-28.2

E.              Building Permits/Certificate of Occupancies:

F.              Modifications:

G.              Extensions of Time:

i.              Carilli and McIntyre- 30 North Surfside Ave, Montauk. SCTM# 300-29-01-18.8

ii.              Promise Productions LLC- 8 Bay Inlet Road, Springs. SCTM# 300-23-01-19

iii.              Megron- 45 South Euclid Ave, Montauk. SCTM# 300-049-03-16

iv.              Demarchelier- 15 Island Road, East Hampton. SCTM# 300-93-03-9

& Certificate of Occupancy Request

v.              Mann- 30 Maidstone Dr, Amagansett. SCTM# 300-174-04-25

III.              Minutes Approval

A.              Draft Minutes of November 17, 2020

IV.              Adoption of Resolutions