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              ~ Minutes ~              Carole Brennan


Tuesday, July 10, 2018              10:00 AM              Montauk Firehouse


I.              Call to Order

10:00 AM Meeting called to order on July 10, 2018 at Montauk Firehouse, 12 Flamingo Avenue, Montauk, NY.


Attendee Name





Kathee Burke-Gonzalez

Town of East Hampton




David Lys

Town of East Hampton




Sylvia Overby

Town of East Hampton




Jeffrey Bragman

Town of East Hampton




Peter Van Scoyoc

Town of East Hampton




Carole A. Brennan

Town of East Hampton

Town Clerk



Michael Sendlenski

Town of East Hampton

Town Attorney



II.              Public Portion

Martin Drew spoke about the land that the town purchased in Hampton Waters.  They have a change in the board of the association.  The new president is trying to change the by-laws.  He also spoke about areas of recreation.  He would like to see a facility for BMX bikes.  There is land at the Maidstone Gun Club that they could utilize. 


David Gruber spoke about the lack of SEQRA in the bonding for the proposed emergency communication tower.  He believes what was done at the last board meeting was illegal.  He spoke about Type II actions. 


Laura  Tooman, President for the CCOM.  She spoke about a resolution on the agenda for appointing members of a new committee entitled Montauk Beach Preservation Committee.

III.              Topics

A.              RFP Boat Fueling at Town Docks - David Browne, Ed Michels

Ed Michels and David Browne spoke about an RFP for boat fueling at Town Docks.  What restrictions should be put in place and how to monitor these restrictions was the question. Ed Michels says that this has been going on for many years.  Upgrades to marinas have been intense.  Everything is getting bigger.  Some of the boats that are looking to come in for fuel are too big to get in.  Fuel companies have been delivering fuels directly to boats.  This is for diesel fuel only.  The marinas are not happy about this.  Dave Browne states that the board years ago came up with legislation that was never adopted.  They wanted to see what laws the county was going to come up with first.  Thusly nothing ever became of the matter.  Safety equipment on the fuel trucks is essential. 

B.              Alberts Landing Groin, Fresh Pond Bulkhead - Supervisor Van Scoyoc

Supervisor VanScoyoc spoke about the Albert's Landing Groin, Fresh Pond Bulkhead.  The condition there is very dangerous.  Trustees claim ownership to the beach but not the groin.  Groins in this area are not to be maintained or replaced.  Swim classes for youngsters are given at this beach.  David would like to secure the area immediately with snow fence until a solution can be reached. 

C.              Social Media and Whistleblower Policies - Kathleen Rood, Charlene Kagel

Charlene Kagel and Kathleen Rood spoke about Social Media and Whistleblower Policies.  They explained the need for each policy.  They discussed a method of routing complaints through the Town Clerk. 

D.              Tesla Charging Stations - Sylvia Overby

Kim Shaw introduced two representatives from Tesla.  They are looking to install charging stations in and around East Hampton Town.  Firstly, they would like to install charging stations at Kirk Park in Montauk.  They spoke about the different types of charging.  One will give you an 80% charge in approximately 40 minutes.  They explained that there are three different designs of chargers for the different types of electric vehicles.  Sylvia says that the MCAC has a problem with using Kirk as it is a public lot.  They would rather see it at the Library or at the ballfield.  The representatives gave the board the different options.  The spoke about the sizes of the stations and the power supply unit (transformer).  The board spoke about visibility of the units. 

E.              Possible Lease of Airport Property - Jeff Bragman

Jeff Bragman spoke about possible leases at the town airport.  He spoke about signs being put up for advertising and the possibility of retaining a broker.  It was suggested that one sign showing all the properties available be posted at the airport.  Mark Abrams spoke about pamphlets that could be taken at the site. 

F.              Waive Dump Fees for Friends of Georgica Pond - Jeff Bragman

Jeff Bragman spoke about the waiver of dump fees for the Friends of Georgica Pond.  Supervisor VanScoyoc gave and introduction of the project.  The studies going on regarding the algae is beneficial to the general public.  Sarah Davison, Friends of the Georgica Pond Group spoke about the amount of material that was disposed of in previous years. 

G.              Airport Landing Limitations Based on Weight and Pavement Strength - Jeff Bragman

Jeff Bragman gave a briefing on airport landing limitations based on weight and pavement strength at the airport.  He has asked Baker to send him information on the subject.  This issue will be brought up again at a later date after more information/data is received.

IV.              Liaison Reports

Kathee Burke-Gonzalez spoke about a meeting tonight on Accabonac Harbor.  She spoke about events at the Senior Center.  Springs School received 1.3 million dollars for a low nitrogen system. 


David Lys spoke about the ACAC meeting.  They spoke about CPF properties.  They also discussed the Amagansett Parking Lot and the Train Station Parking.  He mentioned the efforts of the Emergency Service workers over the last few weeks.


Jeffrey Bragman spoke about the WCAC where they spoke about the home filtration systems.  They also spoke about the Wainscott tower.  They would like to protect their scenic vistas.  A representative of the SCWA was present at the meeting where they spoke about the public water coming to the area.  They also spoke about airport noise lately. 


Sylvia Overby spoke about the hamlet studies meeting that will be moved from July 17th to August 7th meeting.  EH Arts Council networking nights were discussed.  She spoke about a proposed sculpture. 


Peter VanScoyoc spoke about the EHSHCAC meeting where they discussed the hamlet study.  They also spoke about traffic issues.  They would like to further delineate the travel lanes at North Main Street and Cedar Street.  He spoke about the records that were removed from the old town hall.  He spoke about the ridership on the Hampton Hopper in the first two weeks.  He spoke on efforts of the LIRR to bring out extra trains for commuting of workers.  The bus routes have also been adjusted to make for more efficiency and better service for the residents.  There will be a discussion on the Deep Water project at the July 17th meeting.  He gave a briefing on the Wainscott Water Supply District.  The Town and the SCWA have entered into an IMA in order to receive higher grants. 

V.              Resolutions


2.              Resolution 2018-833

Appoint Members Montauk Beach Preservation Committee


MOVER:              Peter Van Scoyoc, Supervisor

SECONDER:              Sylvia Overby, Councilwoman

AYES:              Burke-Gonzalez, Lys, Overby, Bragman, Van Scoyoc

VI.              Executive Session - CPF, Litigation, Personnel

A motion was made at 12:25 PM by Councilwoman Overby, seconded by Councilwoman Burke-Gonzalez, to go into executive session to discuss the listed matters.