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              ~ Minutes ~              Carole Brennan


Tuesday, December 1, 2020              11:00 AM              Teleconference


I.              Call to Order

11:00 AM Meeting called to order on December 1, 2020 at Teleconference, Various Locations, East Hampton, NY.


Attendee Name





Kathee Burke-Gonzalez

Town of East Hampton




David Lys

Town of East Hampton




Sylvia Overby

Town of East Hampton




Jeffrey Bragman

Town of East Hampton




Peter Van Scoyoc

Town of East Hampton




Carole A. Brennan

Town of East Hampton

Town Clerk



John Jilnicki

Town of East Hampton

Town Attorney



II.              Public Portion - 351-888-6331

Michael Hansen spoke about the ZOOM meetings he turns into regarding the wind farms.  He suggests that the board members do the same.  There is a group in Wainscott that has an agenda to stop the wind farm and they are giving out bad information.  The turbines will be 50 miles off shore and not even visible from the beach and the cable will be 30 ft. deep.  He also spoke in favor of the solar panels being installed on town buildings. 


Bethany in support of the stop signs on Old Orchard. 


Judith Hope spoke in support of the wind farms.  She echo's Michael Hansen's remarks.  We are dismayed that the process of an easement has taken so long.  She urges the board to do whatever is needed to finalize the issue. 


Larry Epstein spoke in favor of Old Orchard Lane changes.  The traffic coming through Old Orchard is very dangerous and something needs to be done to slow the traffic down. 


Doreen Niggles thanked the board for all they have done for Wainscott.  She has no choice either way but thinks the board needs to move forward fast.  There is too much bad information out there. 


Mr. Wunsch also a resident of Old Orchard Road spoke about the flow of traffic on the road.  There are no yellow lines on the road.  He used to live on Gould Street and he now feels that road was safer. 


Gregory M.  from Middle Highway says the roads were not designed for this type of traffic.  The speed the traffic goes is unreal.  We need to prevent the accident that is going to happen.  He already was hit by a car in front of his yard last year.  He suggests maybe changing the name of the road from highway to something else. 


Jim MacMillan thanked the board for the leaf blower legislation.  He would like to see Sunday banned altogether. 

III.              Topics

A.              Maloney Preserve Management Plan - David Lys

David Lys and Rick Whalen spoke on this topic.  David spoke about bamboo on the property that they would like to remove.  The property is north on Springs Fireplace Road.  Shortly after Talmage Farm Lane on the right is the property.  He spoke about the history of the property.  Rick spoke about the problem with the bamboo.  David states that if the board is in agreement we can move it forward to a public hearing. 

B.              Additional CARES/Covid-19 Funding for CDBG - Tom Ruhle

Tom Ruhle spoke about funding from the Federal Government for COVID -19.  They fund this though HUD and Community Development.  He anticipates the town will receive $150,000.  Some money will assist restaurants to try to cope with COVID.  He suggest that some of this money be used for approved targeted groups.  He speaks of the additional money that has been needed for supplying seniors with daily meals.  Board members discussed with Tom what might and might not be refundable. 

C.              Updated Legislation on Leaf Blowers - John Jilnicki, Lauren Steinberg, Sylvia Overby

Sylvia spoke on the update of the legislation after a discussion by the Town Clerk, Town Attorney, Lauren and herself.  The legislation was amended and Lauren reviewed the new version.  Reducing noise was added to the findings.  The additional landscaper's license was taken away and decided that an endorsement will be added to the current Home Improvement Contractor License that each landscaping business is required to obtain.  Homeowner use of blowers on Sunday was changed. 

D.              Stop Signs on Old Orchard Lane, Berryman Street, and Middle Highway - Jeff Bragman

Jeff showed a map of the area with symbols for stop signs on it.  Some members would like to hold off on Wooded Oak Lane and adjust later if necessary.  There will also be a change near Bob White.  Rouge Grouse was also spoken about. 


IV.              Liaison Reports

Kathee Burke-Gonzalez spoke about the Human Services Department.  They have delivered over 48,000 meals during the pandemic.  They are still making weekly wellness calls.  She spoke about repairs and improvements along Springs Fireplace Road.  She spoke about the SCAC happenings.  She spoke about water testing.  Emergency Communications was discussed.  Parson's Place was discussed as to it becoming a one way street. 


David Lys spoke about the importance of recycling.  Please only put the proper items in each container.  He spoke about commercial fishing industries issues.  There is a fund if any loss more than 35% during the pandemic.  NYSDMV is still open yet most applications can be done online.  He mentioned that the new law on seatbelts is everyone in the car needs to wear one.  He mentioned that beach parking and beach drive on permits will be expiring at the end of the year.  New 5 year permits are available thru the town clerk.  He spoke about Stephen Hands Path and Route 114. 


Sylvia Overby spoke about the stretch building code and the implementation of that legislation.  Business Recovery Group will be meeting tomorrow.  She spoke about happenings for that group.  She spoke about the Anti Bias Task Force.  Four persons would like to become new members.  She spoke about upcoming happenings.  Chief Tracy discussed the Police Reform Act.  She spoke about the bumper stickers that are available. 


Jeffrey Bragman spoke about LTV Board meeting.  They are working on many different technical advances.  He spoke about an old film that is being restored from 1915.  He spoke about archives at the facility.  He spoke about using part of Sound Aircraft office for pilots to wait for their next departure.  He spoke about repairs that need to be done in the assessor's office.  He gave an update on the Wainscott Green.  He spoke about student art displays at the airport. 


Peter Van Scoyoc gave an update on the pandemic.  We have had 41 new cases in the last 5 days.  He spoke about the many safety measures that should be taken.  Suffolk County new has a 4.8% rate.  We are at the crucial stage.  He spoke about the storm yesterday.  He spoke about access to test the upper glazier.  He spoke about the CSEA contract negotiations.  The union has declined the town's offer.  Merit pay raises cannot be paid until the contract is settled.  We have reached the final agreement with wind farm company.  He hopes to release it to the public in the next few days.  He spoke about the increase in persons in the area and it's effect on our communications systems.  He spoke about the newly formed communications committee.  He gave an update on the various towers around town.  Today is giving Tuesday.  Consider organizations that help others today. 

V.              Resolutions


B.              COUNCILMAN LYS


1.              Resolution 2020-1117

Budget Modification - Planning


MOVER:              Sylvia Overby, Councilwoman

SECONDER:              Jeffrey Bragman, Councilman

AYES:              Burke-Gonzalez, Lys, Overby, Bragman, Van Scoyoc



VI.              Executive Session - CPF, Leases, Contracts

A motion was made by Councilwoman Overby, seconded by Councilwoman Burke-Gonzalez, to go into executive session at 2:00 PM to discuss CPF, Leases, Contracts and advice of Counsel.