The minutes reflect (wrongly) that I spoke about “water bills”. I neither spoke of "water bills" nor "other areas where they have installed systems" (presumably water systems). Can the minutes reflect what was actually said at the public hearing, please? I suggest the following - Si Kinsella he is for sustainable energy but he is against Deepwater Wind’s current proposal. Local residents have the right to know by how much their electricity bills will increase as a result of Deepwater Wind’s proposed wind farm. If Deepwater Wind can disclose its price to the residents of Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts and Connecticut, Deepwater Wind can also disclose its price the residents of the Town of East Hampton. "Deepwater Wind’s price to local residents will be between 20.4¢/kWh and 30.7¢/kWh, whereas the market price for the same electricity will be only 5.8¢/kWh. Deepwater Wind will be charging three-to-five-times the market price for offshore wind electricity."
Posted by Si Kinsella 1 day ago