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              EH Town Zoning Board of Appeals              Denise Savarese

              300 Pantigo Place              Telephone: (631) 324-8816

              East Hampton, NY  11937


Town Board Meeting of February 14, 2017
East Hampton, New York



I.              CALL TO ORDER

6:30 PM Meeting called to order on February 14, 2017 at Town Hall Meeting Room, 159 Pantigo Road, East Hampton, NY.


Attendee Name





Chairman John P. Whelan





Board Member Theresa Berger





Board Member Roy Dalene





Board Member Cate Rogers





Board Member David Lys







There are no Public Hearings scheduled for this evening.

IV.              WORK SESSION:

V.              EXTENSION OF TIME:

A.              Diane Franey SCTM# 300-41-2-15.1

107 Gerard Drive, Springs

B.              Claudia Jensen SCTM#300-41-2-15.2

111 Gerard Drive, Springs

C.              15 Crooked Highway LLC SCTM# 300-112-1-2.5

65 Kettle Hole Road, East Hampton

D.              Joshua Young/Christine LeMieux SCTM# 300-84-2-10.1

157 Mulford Lane, Amagansett

E.              Sandy Tabatznik - SCTM# 300-87-3-22

178 Old Montauk Highway, Montauk - Modification to a previously approved Extension of Time

F.              Pandion LLC - SCTM# 300-176-8-17

Marine Blvd. Amagansett


A.              Susan Hootstein - SCTM# 300-80-3-30

Project description is to demolish 830 square foot Existing house and a 254 square foot shed And construct a 1,073 square feet of house additions, a 265 square foot Stone patio, install a new sanitary system, a stone driveway, a stone walkway and a parking area within 150 ft. Of freshwater wetlands.

B.              Devon Yacht Club - SCTM# 300-127-3-16, 17

Possible Administrative Review of a Natural Resources Special Permit for maintenance dredging and beach grading around a fixed dock.


A.              MKG Georgica LLC SCTM# 300-200-3-13.1

Purpose of Modification is to relocate 200 square ft. Accessory structure and add plumbing and relocate pool.

B.              Michael & Barbara Goodman - SCTM# 300-28-8-1

The request for Modification is only to designate a different modular company - the new company which will construct the house is Apex Homes of PA LLC


A.              John Anton - SCTM# 300-127-3-4

66 Cross Highway, Amagansett - Project description is to construct an approximately 67 square foot Second story dormer addition and to allow an existing approximately 510 square foot Slate patio, approximately 694.5 square foot Wood deck, 40 square foot Shed, 60 square foot Outdoor shower, and wall to remain within jurisdiction and minimum setbacks of tidal wetlands. Public Hearing held July 26th 2016 - Public Hearing closed but record left open until October 25th 2016 for additional documentation. Applicant given additional time till December 6th 2016 to submit additional documentation - Chairman Whelan made a motion to re-open the record for additional information regarding the septic system. Member Lys seconded. All members were in favor.


Board tabled discussing the application

B.              David Peskin - SCTM# 300-176-7-17

84 Hampton Lane, Beach Hampton - Project description is to construct an approximately 450 square foot swimming pool with an approximately 615 square foot deck requiring approximately 3,819 square feet of temporary clearing and 2,022 square foot of final clearing on a parcel of land containing a dune and beach vegetation.  Public Hearing held January 17th 2017. Public Hearing and record was closed


Board tabled discussing the application

C.              Alexandra & Bernal Vargas - SCTM# 300-128-1-19.2

336 Cranberry Hole Road, Amagansett - Project description is to construct an approximately 1,464 sq. ft. two story addition with 1st and second story decking to a residence on a parcel of land containing dune land and beach vegetation. Public Hearing held January 17th 2016. Public Hearing closed but record left open till February 21st 2017 for an updated survey for current clearing and also information from the Planning Department regarding the Locker Determination.


Public Hearing record left open till February 21st 2017

D.              Frans Preidel - SCTM# 300-50-2-22

3 South Edison Street, Montauk - Project description is to replace an existing 60 square foot shed, 16 square foot outdoor shower, and 70 square foot of decking with a new 145 square foot shed. Relief sought is a Natural Resources Special Permit and Variances. Public Hearing and record left open till  February 7th 2017 for submission of mailing receipts.

E.              John F. Donovan - SCTM# 300-56-1-22

57 Sammy's Beach Road, East Hampton - Project description is to renovate the existing structure, placing it on pilings, construct 1,175 square feet of first and second story additions, second story decking over the existing first story, upgraded sanitary system with retaining wall and a relocated driveway on a parcel of land containing tidal wetlands, dunes, and beach vegetation. The applicant has withdrawn the detached garage from the application. Relief sought is two variances and a Natural Resources Special Permit. Public  Hearing held January 31st 2017 - Hearing and record closed

IX.              MINUTES APPROVAL:

A.              Minutes of January 31st 2017

X.              RESOLUTIONS

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