East Hampton Town Board              Carole Brennan

              159 Pantigo Road              Telephone:

              East Hampton, NY  11937


East Hampton Town Board meeting of March 21, 2017
East Hampton, New York



I.              Call to Order

10:00 AM Meeting called to order on March 21, 2017 at Town Hall Meeting Room, 159 Pantigo Road, East Hampton, NY.


Attendee Name





Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez





Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc





Councilwoman Sylvia Overby





Councilman Fred Overton





Supervisor Larry Cantwell





II.              Public Portion

III.              Topics

A.              Discussion: Traffic Impact Study for Alternatives for Southampton Hospital Freestanding Emergency Department - Ron Hill (Dunn Engineering) & Robert Ross (Southampton Hospital)

B.              LTV Annual Presentation on Operations and Performance and Follow-Up to Audit/Review

C.              Draft Special Event Legislation - NancyLynn Thiele

D.              Draft Septic Legislation - NancyLynn Thiele

E.              Manor House RFP Recommendation - Tom Ruhle

F.              Robert T. Olson Preserve Management Plan - Nature Preserve Committee

G.              Rod's Valley Park Preserve Management Plan - Nature Preserve Committee

IV.              Liaison Reports

V.              Executive Session: Litigation and Lease/License Agreement Negotiations, CPF

VI.              Resolutions


RESOLUTION:              2017-370

CATEGORY:                            Change Orders

SPONSORED BY:              Councilman Van Scoyoc, Councilman Overton

DEPARTMENT:              Town Attorney

Authorize Change Order #1 - Town Hall Generator Bid EH16-034


WHEREAS, by Resolution # 2016-1215 the Town Board awarded the Contract for the installation of a generator at Town Hall to G.T. Power Systems, Inc. at a total cost to the Town of $127,332.00, and thereafter, due to a change in the specifications, approved a change order to decrease the total contract amount by $1,650.00 to $125,682.00; and


WHEREAS, certain additional changes to the specifications are required, at a total cost of $9,900.00, as set forth in Change Order #2 dated 3/20/17; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED, that the Town Board hereby approved Change Order $9,900.00 for the Town; and be it further


RESOLVED, that the total contract cost is hereby amended from $125,682.00 to $135,582.00, payable from fund #HA1620.52010.13004.


RESOLUTION:              2017-371

CATEGORY:                            Budget

SPONSORED BY:              Councilwoman Sylvia Overby

DEPARTMENT:              Land Acquisition

CPF Budget Modification for Office Expenses


Whereas, the 2017 adopted budget for Community Preservation Fund (CPF) for the cost of office expenses is $800, (CA 8800 54100); and


Whereas, the department requires office equipment in excess of the allotted budget; and

now therefore be it


Resolved, that the Town Board directs the Budget Office to make the following budget modification:


From: Budget Line CA 8800 54520 (Outside Professional), in the amount of $2,000


To: Budget Line CA 8800 54100 (Office Expense), in the amount of $2,000

Financial Impact:

Budget Modification, no financial impact