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              East Hampton, NY  11937


East Hampton Town Board meeting of November 17, 2020
East Hampton, New York



I.              Call to Order

11:00 AM Meeting called to order on November 17, 2020 at Teleconference, Various Locations, East Hampton, NY.


Attendee Name





Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez





Councilman David Lys





Councilwoman Sylvia Overby





Councilman Jeffrey Bragman





Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc





II.              Public Portion

III.              Topics

A.              Montauk Wastwater District and Lake Montauk RFP Awards - Jeanne Carroza, Kim Shaw, Mellissa Winslow

B.              WQTAC Recommendation for Trustee's Pump Out Vessel - Mellissa Winslow, Christopher Clapp

C.              NY Energy Stretch Code - Marilyn Dare (NYSERDA) and Margo Thompson, Matt Evans (Newport Ventures)

D.              Proposed Donation to East Hampton Town Police Department - Chief Michael Sarlo

E.              Community Development Block Grant Recommendations - Tom Ruhle

F.              County School Bus Stop Arm Camera Program - John Jilnicki

G.              Outdoor Dining Legislation - NancyLynn Thiele

H.              Local Food Pantries and The Jon Bon Jovi Foundation Food Bank - Kathee Burke-Gonzalez

IV.              Liaison Reports

V.              Resolutions


B.              COUNCILMAN LYS


RESOLUTION:              2020-1071

CATEGORY:                            Acquisitions

SPONSORED BY:              Councilman David Lys

DEPARTMENT:              Land Acquisition

Suffolk County Real Property Acquisition


WHEREAS, Section 72-h of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York permits the sale of real property between municipal governments in the State of New York; and


WHEREAS, a .71 acre vacant parcel of land located at 192 Cedar St., SCTM# 0300 15900 0200 002000 owned by Suffolk County is being offered to the Town; and


WHEREAS, this parcel lies within Groundwater Management Zone V, the South Fork Special Groundwater Protection Area and the Pine Barrens; and


WHEREAS, the Town of East Hampton is interested in acquiring this parcel of real property from the County for Open Space purposes for the County’s total investment of $7,464.25 plus reasonable survey, title, prorated tax, and recording charges; and


WHEREAS, the town Board is aware that the subject premises shall be conveyed subject to the following restrictive covenants that will run with the land so conveyed: 1) That the Grantee or any subsequent Grantee shall not bill or charge back to the Grantor any cost incurred or projected to be incurred for the cleanup, removal and disposal of all debris, waste and/or contamination in or on the subject premises; 2) That the Grantee shall no sell, convey, transfer or otherwise dispose of the subject premises; and


WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of East Hampton is aware that the restrictive covenants described above will run with the land and shall bind the heirs, successors and assigns of the Town of East Hampton and in the event of any violation of the restrictive covenants stated above, the Deed conveying said parcels shall be void ab initio and title to the realty shall revert to the County of Suffolk; and


WHEREAS, the acquisition of said parcel pursuant to General Municipal Law Section 72-H, as an intergovernmental transfer, is a Type II action pursuant to NYCRR 617.5(c)(19) and, therefore, no further SEQRA review is required,


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board of the Town of East Hampton hereby authorizes, consents and approves the acquisition of this parcel for Open Space purposes, identified as 192 Cedar St., SCTM# 0300 15900 0200 002000, for a sum not to exceed $7,464.25 plus reasonable survey, title, prorated tax, and recording charges, subject to the restrictive covenants and reverter provisions as stated above.

Financial Impact:

$7.464.25  plus closing costs






RESOLUTION:              2020-1072

CATEGORY:                            Approvals

SPONSORED BY:              Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc

DEPARTMENT:              Supervisor

Increase Cap for Sokoloff Stern LLP


WHEREAS, the Town Board retained Sokoloff Stern, LLP to advise on litigation matters including Sunrise Tuthill via resolution 2019-387; and


WHEREAS, resolution 2020-178 authorized 100,000.00 dollars in payment to Sokoloff Stern, LLP; and


WHEREAS, litigation is still ongoing and an increase in funds is required; therefore be it


RESOLVED, Sokoloff Stern be and is hereby retained as special counsel to the Town Board for an additional $30,000.00, a total not to exceed $130,000.00 for the 2020 calendar year, upon receiving properly submitted claim vouchers, in accordance with a letter agreement between the parties, from Budget Account A1420-54520.

VI.              Executive Session: CPF