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Town Board Meeting of November 14, 2017
East Hampton, New York



I.              Call to Order

10:00 AM Meeting called to order on November 14, 2017 at Montauk Firehouse, 12 Flamingo Avenue, Montauk, NY.


Attendee Name





Kathee Burke-Gonzalez

Town of East Hampton




Peter Van Scoyoc

Town of East Hampton




Sylvia Overby

Town of East Hampton




Fred Overton

Town of East Hampton




Larry Cantwell

Town of East Hampton




Carole A. Brennan

Town of East Hampton

Town Clerk



Michael Sendlenski

Town of East Hampton

Town Attorney



II.              Public Portion

Beverly Bond speaking about the rental registry.  She spoke about the legislative intent of the law.  She spoke about long term rentals.  The landlord pays $100 every two years so what if someone has a three or five year lease.  She believes the fees for long term periods should be amended. 

III.              Topics

A.              Bids - Jeanne Carroza, Jim Brundige

Bids: Jeanne Carroza spoke about bids to be awarded, extended and noticed at Thursday night?s meeting.   Jim Brundige, Airport Manager spoke about the bid for air traffic control at the airport. 

B.              Town Hall Records - Alex Walter, Ed Michels

Alex Walter and Ed Michels spoke about records that are still in the old town hall building.  Ed Michels explained the procedure for going through the records. 

C.              2018 Community Development Block Grant Program - Tom Ruhle

2018 Community Block Grant Program discussed by Tom Ruhle and Francis Bock.  Tom spoke about the amount of money the town expects to receive.  He also went over their recommendations for the award of money.  He suggests for the Retreat for parking area lights; Whalebone Village for ADA Compliance; Maureen?s Haven for homeless services; Accabonac Road for sidewalks; and Catholic Charities for drug counseling Spanish speakers.  After discussion the board would like to see the wording for the sidewalks be added to. 

D.              Wainscott Moratorium - John Jilnicki, Marguerite Wolffsohn

Wainscott Moratorium discussion by Marguerite Wolffsohn.  She explained that the current moratorium is due to expire.  She spoke about the Wainscott Hamlet Study.  Since the study is not complete they recommend the moratorium to be extended for another six months. 

E.              EHUFSD Environmental Report Analysis/Springs Fireplace Road Property - Marguerite Wolffsohn

Marguerite Wolffsohn spoke about the EHUFSD Environmental Report for the Springs Fireplace Road Property.  She reviewed the environmental assessment done by the school and noted a few areas of concern.  She spoke about the traffic at the already bad intersection of Springs Fireplace and Three Mile Harbor Road. 

F.              Update on Southern Pine Beetles - Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson gave and update on the Southern Pine Bettle infestation.  Councilman Van Scoyoc stated that he has recused himself on all decisions on this matter due to the fact that he lives within the infected area.  One infected tree will infect seven more trees.  The have detected approximately 3800 trees.  He explained how the beetles effect the tree.  It will take approximately 4 months for the tree to totally be dead. 

John Cattelatto spoke about his son?s property in the area.  He questions what will happen to the homeowner who cannot afford to take down and remove the trees.  Michael Sendlenski, Town Attorney explained the legalities of the town?s participation on private property.  A State of Emergency Declaration has been done to assist. 

IV.              Liaison Reports

Kathee Burke-Gonzalez spoke about the Harvest Food Drive.  Artist week at the Senior Center.  Jim Brundige?s contract will be extended for another year. 


Sylvia Overby spoke about the area at the senior center that was dedicated to Ms. Parsons being replaced when the new center is built.  Recycling and Litter committee is looking to redo the signs at the recycling centers.  East Hampton Arts Council networking nights upcoming events were discussed.  She spoke about the Amagansett Life Saving Station holiday events.  She also spoke about some upcoming shows sponsored by local groups in our area.

V.              Executive Session - CPF - Scott Wilson

A motion was made at 11:15 a.m. by Councilwoman Overby, seconded by Councilwoman Burke-Gonzalez, to go into executive session back at Town Hall at 1:00 p.m.