East Hampton Town Board              159 Pantigo Road

                            East Hampton, NY  11937

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              ~ Minutes ~              Carole Brennan


Tuesday, June 20, 2017              10:00 AM              Town Hall Meeting Room


I.              Call to Order

10:00 AM Meeting called to order on June 20, 2017 at Town Hall Meeting Room, 159 Pantigo Road, East Hampton, NY.


Attendee Name





Kathee Burke-Gonzalez

Town of East Hampton




Peter Van Scoyoc

Town of East Hampton




Sylvia Overby

Town of East Hampton




Fred Overton

Town of East Hampton




Larry Cantwell

Town of East Hampton




Carole A. Brennan

Town of East Hampton

Town Clerk



Michael Sendlenski

Town of East Hampton

Town Attorney



II.              Public Portion

Martin Drew spoke about the town's support for funding the improvements at the Montauk Playhouse.  He states that the project that was proposed years ago for recreation at the landfill site never happened.  The 2 million dollars was put in the capital budget but they never saw anything.  He sent a petition to the Springs school with a neighbor and the school took it away and called the police.  He says the bias continues.  He asked if the candidates will speak to the town wide assessment issue.  School consolidation needs to be spoken to.  What happened to the leaf program that was promised during the last election.  He spoke about the property currently occupied by the Maidstone Gun Club.


Prudence Carabine speaking about the EH Farm Museum.  She spoke about a grant that they were trying to get but failed to.  The museum got a building permit and with the help of many residents they are going to redo the inside of the barn in order to house the tractors donated by Michael Collins.  She states that the Matt Lester Garden is up and running.  In October they will be having a dinner at which they will honor the garden.  They will have a sleep over at the end of July for the scouts. 

III.              Topics

A.              Bids - Jeanne Carroza

Jeanne spoke about upcoming bids to be awarded and noticed. 

B.              Downtown Montauk ADA Beach Access Ramps - Drew Bennett

Drew Bennett speaking about the Montauk ADA Beach Access Ramps.  The town went out to bid early this year.  The bid has not been awarded yet.  The two locations are South Edgemere Street and Surfside Place.  They have received the DEC permits.  The project will start in the fall of 2017. 

C.              Local Law Chapter 209 Low-Nitrogen Rebate Program

Larry explained that the board still wants to discuss a couple of the comments made at the public hearing.  NancyLynn has a trial today.  The matter will be back on the first work session in July. 

D.              Local Law Chapter 210 Sanitary Systems

See Nitrogen Rebate Program comments.

E.              Motorola Communications Proposal - Eddie Schnell

Eddie Schnell spoke about the current radio communication system that the police department currently uses.  He spoke about the areas in Montauk that still will be of concern.  The new communications device will be located at the Springs Fire Department location.  Currently only four people can speak at one time.  The new system will allow twelve.  The system is used by Town and Village entities.  He spoke about the pricing of the unit which will be approximately 6 million plus dollars.  The pricing will include all the equipment necessary.  The Fire Departments will have to pay for their own equipment.  He explained the microwave system and the need for it.  He explained the needs for each location.  He discussed the time frame and the change over. 


Chief Sarlo thanked Eddie for all his hard dedicated work on this project.  He thanked the Supervisor for his support and knowledge.  This needs to be done as soon as possible.  All the outside agencies are on board. 


The Supervisr also thanked Eddie for his knowledge, hard work and dedication.  He has only been with the town for six months and has proven himself an asset.  The project is one million plus over budget so the capital plan will have to be increased. 

F.              Senior Community Center Design - Drazen Cackovic, Savik & Murray

Mr. Cackovic representing Savik and Murray presented on the proposed new Senior Community Center Building.  He explained the current programs that are offered at the center.  One critical aspect is to increase the parking on site.  He spoke about the time line for the project.  He spoke about many of the senior's concerns.  They propose a two story building with a basement.  The new facility would be approximately 22,700 sq. ft. 


Diane P., Human Services Director, spoke about the current uses of the building.  The building is used by many different organizations and activities every day of the week, day and evenings.  She spoke about enriching your older years. 


Mr. Cackovic spoke about the time line which will be about 16 months due to the fact that they will be working around the current building and then when the new building is complete they will have to take down the current one and they finish the parking area and grounds. 


The board authorized Mr. Cackovic to proceed with the schematic design.

IV.              Liaison Reports

Kathee Burke-Gonzalea spoke about the over 90 party at the senior center. 


Peter VanScoyoc spoke about the next Coastal Committee meeting. 


Sylvia Overby thanked everyone who attended the Anti-Bias Task Force meeting.  She states that it was a well attended meeting.  The meeting was filmed and will air on LTV.  The Business Committee also met to speak about work force housing. 


Supervisor Cantwell spoke about a grant that the town applied for relating to the Amagansett Parking Lot.  They met with the school to speak about the sale of the scavenger waste property.  Commercial Industrial land is very valuable in the town.  He is not sure that the school will be able to acquire.  The revenue from the sale of this property will help offset some of the large capital project that are necessary in the town. 

V.              Resolutions


1.              Resolution 2017-721

Accept Bid #EH17-026 - Rehabilitate Runway 28 PAPI & REIL (Precision Approach Path Indicator & Runway End Identifier Light) at Airport -  Baseline King Corporation


MOVER:              Kathee Burke-Gonzalez, Councilwoman

SECONDER:              Peter Van Scoyoc, Councilman

AYES:              Kathee Burke-Gonzalez, Peter Van Scoyoc, Sylvia Overby, Larry Cantwell

ABSENT:              Fred Overton





1.              Resolution 2017-722

RFP #EH2017-108- Water Quality Improvement Technical Design Project  Proposal Available June 29, 2017 - Proposal Due July 27, 2017


MOVER:              Larry Cantwell, Supervisor

SECONDER:              Peter Van Scoyoc, Councilman

AYES:              Kathee Burke-Gonzalez, Peter Van Scoyoc, Sylvia Overby, Larry Cantwell

ABSENT:              Fred Overton

VI.              Executive Session - Land Acquisition, Litigation, Leases, CPF

A motion was made at 11:19 by Councilman VanScoyoc, seconded by Councilwoman Overby, to go into executive session to discuss the stated topics.