East Hampton Town Board              159 Pantigo Road

                            East Hampton, NY  11937

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              ~ Minutes ~              Carole Brennan


Tuesday, October 3, 2017              10:00 AM              Town Hall Meeting Room


I.              Call to Order

10:00 AM Meeting called to order on October 3, 2017 at Town Hall Meeting Room, 159 Pantigo Road, East Hampton, NY.


Attendee Name





Kathee Burke-Gonzalez

Town of East Hampton




Peter Van Scoyoc

Town of East Hampton




Sylvia Overby

Town of East Hampton




Fred Overton

Town of East Hampton




Larry Cantwell

Town of East Hampton




II.              Public Portion

Martin Drew spoke about Springs historic district, the CDCH school lease and the CPF funds, the airport litigation and parking at the Pollock Krasner house.

III.              Topics

A.              Second House Restoration - Bob Heffner

Mr. Hefner presented on the restoration project for Second House which he worked on with Drew Bennett. The house was construction in the late 18th century. The town acquired second house in the 1960s, and they are currently working on restoring the house to its 1880 state.  This would entail new framing, foundations and mechanical systems. The house would also have office space for the Montauk Historical society.  Mr. Hefner advises the Town Board that the house is prepped and ready for an RFP.


Kathryn Nadeau, current president of the Montauk Historical Society would like to thank the current administration for making this project possible.

B.              Hampton Hopper Season Recap - Rob Dunn

Derek Klein and Rob Dunn presented on the Hampton Hopper season in Montauk. This service ran 7 days a week from 10AM - 10PM and included 15 stops. This season the service provided 20,715 free rides in Montauk with the maximum riders per week at 2,613. The service lost $51,000 dollars this season due to the inability to secure advertising and higher operating costs. They are requesting an earlier RFP, Modestly higher budget, broader range of potential advertisers, and a longer term RFP to help them amange the fleet.


Supervisor Cantwell commended them on a job well done highlighting Rob Dunn's hands on management of the route which contributed to its success


Councilman Van Scoyoc stated this service was very well received by the Concerned Citizens of Montauk and would like to see this service continue.

C.              CDCH Lease - Steve Latham

Steve Latham spoke to the assignment of a  lease between the Town the CDCH school to the Gersch Academy.

Kevin Gersch, the owner of the academy gave a brief background of his education experience and philosophy. He is here to open a program in the community. He has k-12 programs for children on the autism spectrum, day camps, summer camp, after school care, before school care and many other programs for special needs children. His vision for this specific school is K-12 programs for children on the Autism Spectrum.

D.              Planning Department Review of Coordination Request sent by Southampton Town ZBA - Marguerite Wolffsohn

Marguerite Wolffsohn presented on this request which is located on Town Line Road in Sag Harbor. The planning Dept. has no objections to this request and a letter will be sent to Southampton Town.

E.              Downtown MontaukStreet Light Upgrade

Councilman Van Scoyoc spoke about the status about the upgrade to the Montauk Lights, which will cost $85,000 dollars. The new lights will be LED and will consume 40% less electricity. This will have to be noticed for Public Hearing because it is a speical tax district and the lights are compliant with the Town code on lighting.

F.              Discussion of FAA Part 161 Application

Councilwoman Burke-Gonzalez recommends that the board move forward with the part 161 application. She would like to see a resolution on Thursday so the Town board can vote on it.

G.              Update on the Special Historic Landmark Designation Program - Michael Sendlenski

Town Attorney Michael Sendlenski gave an update on the Special Historic Land Mark Designation program. There will be a resolution at the next Town Board meeting

IV.              Resolutions




1.              Resolution 2017-1038

CPF Budget Modification for Land Acquisitions


MOVER:              Sylvia Overby, Councilwoman

SECONDER:              Peter Van Scoyoc, Councilman

AYES:              Burke-Gonzalez, Van Scoyoc, Overby, Overton, Cantwell



V.              Liaison Reports

Councilwoman Burke-Gonzalez reported that LTV is starting a production class for seniors. There will also be a workshop at the Senior Center about 10:30 Thursday October 5th for the next four Thursdays. She also stated that Tuesday October 17th is a tentative date for a presentation on the new Senior Center Plans.


Councilman Van Scoyoc met with the Montauk CAC, and he presented on the Wind Farm which powers Block Island. They also spoke about the Downtown Community wastewater system which included preliminary sites, and a report for his meeting with the county. They also discussed the battery storage and sub station on industrial road and the CAC expressed opposition to the proposed locations due to the proximity to the sea level.


Councilwoman Overby gave an update on the hamlet study, any comments can still be accepted. Planning and Dodson and Flinker are working on an excel sheet to compile a list of the all the suggestions, towards the end of November or early January a presentation could be done. The Arts council are currently working on a networking night at the Golden Eagle. The EH/SH CAC also met and they are working on candidates night 10/16 for Trustee candiates and 10/23 for Town Board canidates. The Ani-Bias task force and the litter committee have reached out to the East Hampton library to present two films. The Energy Sustainability Committee will meet tomorrow with the EH Town Trustees Harbors committee at Scoville hall in Amagansett.


Councilman Overton met with the Springs CAC which discussed the new development project at the school. They also discussed new membership and possible reduced membership. He also spoke about the dedication of the Ballfield at Maidstone Park to Chief David King who lost his life to Leukemia. He also spoke about an upcoming Airport resolution he sees no other way to move forward except with the FAA Part 161 Application. He hopes this application succeeds because he does not want to see the Airport close.


Supervior Cantwel would like to express his thoughts and prayers to the people and family who suffered in the recent violence in Las Vegas.


VI.              Executive Session: Litigation

A motion was made at 11:43PM by Councilman Van Scoyoc, second by Councilwoman Overby to go into executive session.