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              ~ Minutes ~              Carole Brennan


Tuesday, February 13, 2018              10:00 AM              Montauk Firehouse


I.              Call to Order

10:00 AM Meeting called to order on February 13, 2018 at Montauk Firehouse, 12 Flamingo Avenue, Montauk, NY.


Attendee Name





Kathee Burke-Gonzalez

Town of East Hampton




David Lys

Town of East Hampton




Sylvia Overby

Town of East Hampton




Jeffrey Bragman

Town of East Hampton




Peter Van Scoyoc

Town of East Hampton




Michael Sendlenski

Town of East Hampton

Town Attorney



Steve Graham

Town of East Hampton

Deputy Town Clerk



II.              Public Portion

Laraine Creegan is here to make a request for Hampton Hopper services. She would like to take one bus an hour on East Lake Drive to support that section of Montauk which includes a public beach and several businesses.

III.              Topics

A.              Bids - Jeanne Carroza

Jeanne Carroza from the Town's purchasing department gave updates on various bids. Printing of Miscellaneous press, Supply and delivery of groceries, supply and delivery of dairy products, Supply and delivery of jet gas for the airport. She also has the notice for the property in Wainscott and Southern Pine Beetle remediation

B.              Schematic Design for New Senior Comm. Center - Drazen Cackovic, Savik & Murray

Schematic Design for the new Senior Center by Drazen Cackovic. Drazen gave an update on the schematic design for the new senior center. The project will replace the existing building with a brand new building which will suit the current needs of the center and the human services department. This will allow them to run more programs than they currently have and offer seniors a modern facility with significantly more room than what is currently available at the site.


Mary Ella Moeller thanked the Town Board for working on this project. She also spoke about the location of the new senior center which will be placed on the current park and recreation area which is currently dedicated to her mother Edith Parsons. She would like to see her a dedication to her mother somewhere at the new facility.


Laraine Creegan asked about the Montauk Seniors and if they will have a bus option available to go to the new center.  Councilwoman Burke-Gonzalez and Supervisor Van Scoyoc assured her that they will.


Nancy Peppard would like to see a traffic light installed on Springs Fireplace Road in front of the Senior Center due to the increased traffic on Springs Fireplace Road.

C.              Senior Services Committee Status Update - Diane Patrizio

Diane Patrizio, Director of Human Services gave a status update on the Senior Services Committee.  These updates included the use of the updated website including the community calendar, the formation of an inter-agency committee, updated presentations, medical services committee, transportation services, housing projects and the senior community center.

D.              Clarify Special Events Legislation - NancyLynn Thiele

NancyLynn Thiele spoke about the clarification of the Special Event Legislation. New language will clarify the law, making it easier to understand and read.

E.              Special Event Fees Recommendation - Harold Graham

Harold Graham gave the Town Board an overview of the Special Event permit fees which includes new fees for catered events, and a further breakdown between commercial uses of Public property.

F.              EHT Police Department 2017 Annual Report - Chief Michael Sarlo

Chief Michael Sarlo gave the annual Police Department report for 2017. This report in its entirety is available on the Police Departments website. He reviewed the year as a whole, giving the highlights of the report and the current goals which includes combating the opioid epidemic.

G.              Village of Sag Harbor Water Quality Projects - Billy Hajek, WQTAC

Billy Hajek presented the board with official recommendations from the  Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee. Billy gave an overview of the various projects that the WQTAC approved. These include Permeable pavement, Raingardens, and a Tree Trench.

H.              Discuss Authorization EECO Farm to Connect with SCWA Public Water - John Jilnicki

John Jilnicki discussed authorizing the EECO farm to connect with Suffolk County Water Authority Public Water. The EECO farm will pay for all cost incurred by the application and the use fees for when the connection is complete. The Town, as the owner of the property will have to be listed as the applicant.

IV.              Liaison Reports

Councilwoman Burke-Gonzalez reported that she has two bonds on for the meeting Thursday night. $67,000 dollars for improvements to the Maidstone field. Also, a new bond for $20,000 for new garbage cans. She also mentioned that East Hampton High School will be having a presentation on February 28th on Substance abuse. Project Most's empty Bowls 12:00PM -3:00PM March 4th at the American Legion. Councilman Lys and Councilwoman Burke Gonzalez are now co-liaison to the Ballfield relocation committee.


Councilman Lys met with the Nature Preserve Committee who discussed Southern Pine Beetle. They are exploring adding Pine Beetle remediation into some of the Management plan. The Dock Slip committee is also reforming to discuss some recreation and commercial dockage as well as any repairs needed.


Councilman Bragman met with the Wainscott CAC who are concerned with Deepwater Wind. They do not want the Town Board to grant an easement right to Deep Water. They also asked about whether the businesses along route 27 can be connected to Public Water.The CAC also spoke about the Wainscott well situation and the Hamlet studies.


Councilwoman Overby met with the Energy Sustainability Committee which would like to see the Town Board commit to the Energize the South Fork. The Airport committee met and have been moving forward on the Part 161. She also met with the Montauk CAC on making the Main Ditch Plains parking lot with resident only parking including a booth like Indian Wells. They are also looking at Otis Road and the Dirt Lot and also expanding the parking there. She is also trying to have a more in depth discussion on the Hamlet Study April Third.


Supervisor Van Scoyoc met with the EH/SH committee who would like to see the Senior Calendar published in the local paper. There is also a daily announcement about the menu on WLNG. They also discussed Fowler House. They also discussed the Farm Museum and the installation of a period type Flag Pole. They also discussed Encroachment from the Industrial Area. He also gave an update on the Wainscott well water situation. Out of the 240 wells that have been sampled, 5 have tested above the recommended levels and 105 have tested below. There have also been talks with Water Authority to see what the costs would be to set all these residences up to the public water.




V.              Resolutions


1.              Resolution 2018-192

Budget Modification - Telephone 2017


MOVER:              Peter Van Scoyoc, Supervisor

SECONDER:              Sylvia Overby, Councilwoman

AYES:              Burke-Gonzalez, Lys, Overby, Bragman, Van Scoyoc

VI.              Executive Session - Leases, Contracts, CPF, RFP,Personnel Legislation

At 12:08 PM a motion was made by Councilwoman Overby, seconded by Councilwoman Burke-Gonzalez to go into executive session at 2:30PM to discuss Leases, Contracts, CPF, RFP, Personnel and Legislation